Bitcoin hits new 2020 high when total market capitalization surpasses $ 400 billion
The short-term price spike has driven Bitcoin to new yearly highs.

Bitcoin continues its 2020 record and hit a new high of over $ 13,350. Most alternative coins followed suit with impressive gains, but the market has calmed down since then. The entire cryptocurrency market has exceeded $ 400 billion.

$ 750 Million BTC Options Expire By Halloween
The upcoming $ 750 million bitcoin options expiration on the last Friday of the month.

By the end of the month, there could be a big spike in bitcoin volatility as two main factors come into play. The BTC options market is approaching a significant expiration of $ 750 million, and the open interest of the CME futures market has also skyrocketed.
When options expire, option holders must adjust their contracts before or immediately after expiration.

Open Interest in Augur Prediction Markets Exceeds $ 1M
Open interest activity appears to be supported by the growing US presidential election market

The open interest activity appears to be supported by the burgeoning market for the US presidential election on Augur, in addition to the emergence of new user-friendly shopping interfaces such as Catnip.Exchange. The second version of Augur was launched on July 28, 2020 with limited fanfare due to the complex user onboarding process. Shortly after launch, the Augur team issued a “v2 Redo” release to address issues found during initial launch.
Open Interest in Augur Markets

Ripple board member arrested on cyber harassment charges
Legal troubles continue with people associated with popular cryptocurrency companies.

Ripple board member and close family friend of US President Donald Trump, Ken Courson, was arrested on cyber harassment charges.
According to the New York Times, Courson stalked and stalked a total of five victims, including his ex-wife.

Alibaba founder claims digital currencies can change currency value
Chinese billionaire Jack Ma highlights the importance of digital currency adoption

Alibaba founder Jack Ma highlighted the importance of digital currencies during his speech at the second Bund Financial Summit in Shanghai on October 24.
The billionaire is convinced that cryptocurrency can gain traction in developing countries.
Ma also said it is “necessary” to think about creating a new financial system based on digital currencies so that it can play a significant role in global trade.

US Regulators May Soon Collect Data On All Cryptocurrency Transactions Over $ 250
American regulators are further tightening control over cryptocurrency transfers.

Two leading US agencies, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and the Federal Reserve Board, have proposed new amendments to the Bank Secrecy Act.

Another DeFi Disaster: Attacker Pulls $ 24 Million From Harvest Finance, FARM Tank Token
Decentralized Financial Sector Fails Another Major Setback with Harvest Finance

Harvest Finance’s decentralized crop cultivation protocol lost $ 24 million after being successfully exploited by a hacker. $ 2.5 million has already been sent back to the deployer.
Whoever hacked the protocol is currently converting their illicit earnings into renBTC, a popular synthetic version of Bitcoin, and Tornado Cash, a NARKs-based privacy tool for obfuscating Ethereum transactions.

Ethereum stuck below $ 410
Ethereum is trying to gain traction above $ 410 and $ 420 against the US dollar.

Ethereum has failed to set a new monthly high above $ 420, unlike Bitcoin against the US dollar. ETH price appears to be hitting a couple of major hurdles around the $ 410 and $ 412 resistance levels.

Crypto Twitter Social Sentiment Increases 180 As Bitcoin Rises
Bitcoin’s new 2020 high over the weekend has rejuvenated social sentiment.

There are many technical and fundamental indicators that can indicate market sentiment, and for the crypto industry, social media plays a big role.
According to Santiment analysts, “crypto-Twitter” has made one of the biggest in its decade of 180-year history, going from negativity to euphoria.
He added that historically negative levels were on October 3, which was reflected by the rise in short positions in BTC.
Social Sentiment on Crypto Twitter

Harvest Finance nominated $ 100k bounty for alleged hacker
Harvest Finance is actively fighting an apparent $ 24 million attack.

Harvest Finance, the main decentralized finance protocol, appears to have assigned a $ 100,000 bounty after a $ 24 million attack targeting its liquidity pools.
In a tweet dated October 26, Harvest Finance said there is enough data at this point to identify an attacker “who is well known in the crypto community.”
Harvest Finance nominated an award