Bitcoin Rises To $ 10,700 As Larger Altcoins Remain Stable
While much of the cryptocurrency market has remained calm in the past 24 hours, BTC has registered a slight increase after the Wall Street rally.

Bitcoin has seen modest gains in the past 24 hours, again following Wall Street’s lead. Most large-cap altcoins remain calm, with Ethereum hovering around $ 340 and Ripple trading at $ 0.245.

Covalent: Ethereum data analytics startup raised $ 3.1 million
Covalent raised $ 3.1 million in a new round of funding.

Revealing the news on October 7, Covalent revealed that the round was held in partnership with Woodstock Fund, 1kx Capital and Mechanism Capital. Other investors in the oversubscription round included CoinGecko and Alameda Research.

Situation for BitMEX only gets worse after CFTC closes
Any coins coming from BitMEX will not be marked as “high risk” by the Chainalysis blockchain investigator

According to a Forbes report on October 6, leading blockchain researcher Chainalysis classified BitMEX as a “high risk” exchange.
After the CFTC ban, BitMEX vaults have been emptied by more than 50,000 BTC, with new deposits being seen on compliant exchanges such as Gemini and Kraken.

Central Bank of Kyrgyzstan closes SWIFT network
The Central Bank of Kyrgyzstan has banned outstanding cross-border services offered by SWIFT.

According to the representative, this decision of the Central Bank was made to prevent capital outflow from the country and ensure the safety of the country’s financial banking sector and the assets of financial institutions.

Blockchain Record Legal Impact Bill Re-Submitted to US House of Representatives
The bill will give legal status to secure blockchain records and smart contracts.

The current bill prohibits individuals from denying the legal force of an electronic record “just because it is created, stored or protected on or through the blockchain.”

Bank of Korea begins testing CBDC
South Korea’s central bank announced that it plans to speed up the process by starting testing its digital token starting next year.

The central bank has maintained its original position that while it has accelerated the development of its own CBDC, BOK will only prepare to launch its digital currency if other countries are also digitizing their currencies.

Wrapped Bitcoin Tops $ 1B After Rising 900% In Two Months
The recent DeFi frenzy has resulted in $ 900 million worth of bitcoin tokenization.

The recent DeFi bull cycle has increased the total locked value of the popular bitcoin tokenization protocol Wrapped BTC by 900%, topping $ 1 billion.
This milestone comes four weeks after the TVL of all bitcoins tokenized on Ethereum topped $ 1 billion for the first time. The current TVL of tokenized bitcoins is nearly $ 1.5 billion, of which WBTC currently accounts for one third.

Indian Crypto Exchange Unocoin Raises $ 3.5 Million Series A Led By Draper Associates
Unocoin, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in India, has raised $ 3.5 million in Series A.

Unocoin, one of India’s oldest cryptocurrency exchanges, has raised $ 3.5 million in Series A, CEO Satwik Vishwanath said in an interview.
The round was led by Tim Draper’s Draper Associates, with contributions from XBTO Ventures, 2020 Ventures and others. Vishwanath said the round is still ongoing and Unocoin expects to raise an additional $ 1.5 million in the coming months.

Venezuela buys 71 tons of paper to print more cash
The Venezuelan government buys tons of paper – literally – to print huge amounts of cash.

The Venezuelan government does not know what else to do to control its economy and is trying to save its financial life by doing what governments around the world are doing: printing more money.
Sources close to the Venezuelan government said the country’s central bank had just bought 71 tons of paper to print money. Experts believe that this new batch of paper will satisfy the country’s demand for banknotes of the highest denomination: 100,000 sovereign bolivars, which, according to official figures, is $ 0.22.
Venezuela buys 71 tons of paper for printing money

Bitcoin-themed artwork sold at Christie’s for $ 130,000
Apparently, bitcoin is becoming mainstream thanks to art.

An anonymous shopper recently spent $ 131,250 in fiat dollars to purchase Block 21, a work of art created by Ben Gentill of Robert Alice. Robert Alice is a London blockchain-focused art project.
The piece, which includes a physical tile and a digital token, is part of a series of works known as Portraits of the Mind. Christie’s, which auctioned the piece, noted that $ 131,250 was more than “seven times the high estimate” of about $ 20,000.
Sale of “Block 21” for 130,000 dollars