Bitcoin Touches $ 10,900 As Cryptocurrency Market Cap Gains $ 12 Billion
$ 12 billion cryptocurrency market capitalization gain as bitcoin jumps to $ 10,900.

Following the announcement that Square had acquired $ 50 million in bitcoin, the asset reacted with a significant price jump to $ 10,900. The market capitalization of the cryptocurrency has increased by $ 12 billion.

US Department of Justice publishes cryptocurrency ‘legal framework’
U.S. Department of Justice publishes Cyber ​​Digital Task Force report

US Attorney General William Barr announced the opening of the report, stating that the goal is to ensure that cryptocurrency “does not endanger our public safety or our national security,” “vital to America and its allies.”

Syscoin and CorionX Partner to Promote Global Stablecoin and DeFi Implementation
Syscoin and CorionX have entered into a partnership.

CorionX, a platform designed to stimulate and facilitate the global adoption of stablecoins and decentralized financial platforms, announced that it will partner with Syscoin to help overcome the two biggest barriers to entry into DeFi – awareness and cost.

Lightning network vulnerability found, update immediately
The Lightning vulnerability became known on October 9.

Lightning network node operators using LND versions prior to the October 1 update to version 0.11 are strongly encouraged to upgrade as soon as a vulnerability affecting LND versions 0.10 and below is discovered.

Lightning Network Vulnerability

Ripple Now Offers XRP Loans To RippleNet Clients
Ripple is officially in the lending business by launching an XRP-based service for RippleNet clients.

San Francisco-based blockchain company Ripple has launched a lending offer called Line of Credit, which allows its clients using an on-demand liquidity solution to borrow XRP in order to quickly access capital.
The new service, which has already been tested by members of the RippleNet network, is currently in beta testing.

Honda and GM Promote Blockchain-Based Electric Vehicle Charging Network Standard
Honda and General Motors have launched a standard to enable decentralized charging networks for electric vehicles using blockchain.

The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative’s Electric Vehicle Integration Working Group has developed and launched a global standard for the automotive industry integrating blockchain into a decentralized vehicle charging system.

Solana launches Wormhole, Ethereum’s cross-chain bridge.
Solana announces the launch of its Wormhole bridging

Solana has announced the launch of its Wormhole bridge, which connects ETH and ERC-20 tokens to the SPL tokens of the Solana blockchain. The wormhole bridge will allow DeFi developers trustlessly to move tokenized assets across blockchains, taking advantage of Solana’s “speed and cost” advantages, which the firm claims were lower than Ethereum.
Solana Launches Wormhole

Jack Dorsey Square Buys $ 50 Million Bitcoins
Square has announced a $ 50 million purchase of Bitcoin.

Financial services company Square announced that it has acquired $ 50 million worth of bitcoin.
The company, led by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, says it believes cryptocurrencies are a tool to “empower economic opportunities and provide an opportunity to participate in the global monetary system, which is in line with the company’s goals.

Messari adds DigitalBits and branded currencies to its registry
Messari announced today the addition of DigitalBits to Messari’s roster.

As the ecosystem evolves, DigitalBits Messari and the XDB Foundation may explore the possibility of creating a new ledger to host branded currencies tokenized on DigitalBits. This registry will address the challenges consumers face in determining the legitimacy of branded currencies and their respective organizations.

Billionaire Investor Tim Draper Funds Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange Unocoin
Bitcoin bull and billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper has invested in Indian cryptocurrency exchange Unocoin.

Bitcoin enthusiast Tim Draper and his venture capital firm Draper Associates have helped Indian cryptocurrency exchange Unocoin secure a $ 5 million investment, according to recent reports. Venture capital firm XBTO ventures focused on cryptocurrency funding has also joined the Series A funding round.

Ethereum Fees Higher Than Bitcoin For A Record Two Months In A Row
Ethereum Receives More Fees than Bitcoin in Record Streak

Ethereum transaction fees have exceeded Bitcoin network fees for two consecutive months.
Ethereum fees soared to new all-time highs in August as the decentralized finance bubble began to climb into full swing. The smart contracts that underlie the DeFi protocols typically require multiple Ethereum transactions to be executed, exacerbating network congestion.