Bitcoin mimicked Wall Street rallies and recorded a new monthly high of over $ 11,700.

Bitcoin extended its recent impressive performance to a new monthly high of around $ 11,700. Some altcoins went up following BTC. Ethereum surged to $ 385 while BNB returned to 5th place.
With the latest rally in prices, Bitcoin has once again resembled events on Wall Street. Three of the most famous US stock indexes ended the trading session on Monday in the green zone. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.9%, the S&P 500 rose 1.6%, and the Nasdaq

Ripple Partner Temenos Will Support Swiss Digital Investment Bank FlowBank
FlowBank will use RippleNet for settlements thanks to a partnership with banking software firm Temenos.

Swiss digital investment bank FlowBank has selected partner Ripple and banking software company Temenos to manage its infrastructure.
According to the October 12 announcement, FlowBank will use Temenos’ Transact toolbox to support its banking services. The package, formerly known as T24, has been using the RippleNet payment network for about four years to offer cheap international bank settlements in real time.

BitMEX Hires Former Revolut Executive to Lead Compliance Efforts
Malcolm Wright, former Chief Compliance Officer for Revolut, has joined the BitMEX 100x Group operator.

Crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX, which is currently in litigation with the US government, has recruited a new director of compliance.
Malcolm Wright, former Chief Compliance Officer for Revolut, has joined the BitMEX 100x Group operator. According to LinkedIn, Wright spent just 5 months at Revolut in 2018.
At the 100x Group, Wright will lead the global compliance efforts and report to Vivienne Khu, interim CEO and COO of the group.
BitMEX hires Malcolm Wright

Ethereum Breakout Calls Increase Ahead Of ‘Phase 0’ Launch
Technical analysts have extended their Ethereum price target above $ 400.

Ethereum has grown significantly above the rest of the leading cryptocurrency companies, including Bitcoin. The ETH dollar pair has grown exponentially due to the growing utility of Ethereum in the emerging space of decentralized finance and stablecoins.
Ethereum 2.0 developers launched a new bug bounty program on Friday last week.

DEX trading volumes sharply exceeded CEX in September
A report from CoinGecko says that the volume of cryptocurrencies traded on DEX, in particular on Uniswap, surged in September.

The cryptocurrency market has generated over $ 9 billion in capital inflows driven by growing returns in DeFi decentralized applications.
The report states that DEX trading volumes increased 197 percent in the third quarter of 2020. This was a much larger increase compared to CEX platforms like Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, and Bitstamp.

Cardano’s Goguen roadmap to be released at the end of October
IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson has provided important updates to the Goguen roadmap to the community.

Goguen will be released as a series of updates and hard fork events, each of which will add another layer of functionality to the system, according to Hoskinson. As with Shelley, it will be staged and more will be announced by the end of the month.

A wave of Bitcoin bomb extortion threats hit the government and schools in Japan
In recent months, local government offices in Japan have been subjected to a flood of extortion attempts demanding bitcoin.

According to Japan Today, such threats have been received in at least 18 prefectures since July.
According to the report, the ransomware is demanding payment in bitcoins to avoid detonating the explosive device.

Next Bitcoin Update Will Support Tor V3 Addresses
The next version of Bitcoin Core will support the latest types of Tor addresses

The next version of Bitcoin Core will support the latest V3 Tor Network addresses, which will become an entirely new standard next year, according to Peter Wille, co-founder and former engineer of Blockstream.

$ 6.7 Billion in Bitcoin Now Held in Public Companies MicroStrategy, Galaxy Digital and Square
A total of 13 public companies now own nearly $ 7 million in bitcoins.

More than $ 6.7 billion worth of bitcoin is currently owned by public companies, including US software giant MicroStrategy; according to Bitcoin Treasuries, Galaxy Digital asset manager and payment processing platform Jack Dorsey Square, Square. This amount includes some companies that own bitcoins on behalf of their investors, such as the asset manager Grayscale Investments.