Bitcoin corrected to 35 thousand dollars
Bitcoin price began a downward correction after surpassing $ 39,000 against the US dollar.

After forming a short-term top near the $ 42,000 level, the bitcoin price began a downward correction. BTC broke a couple of important supports around the $ 40,000 level to start the current correction.
There was also a jump below the 50% Fibonacci retracement of the upward movement from the swing low of $ 29,894 to the swing high of $ 42,068.

Ethereum Fixes 20%: Why ETH May Find Strong Support At $ 1000 Price
Ethereum began a sharp correction down below $ 1200 against the US dollar.

ETH price could not hold above the support of $ 1200 and fell sharply below $ 1150. More importantly, on the hourly ETH / USD chart, there was a break below the main bullish channel with support around $ 1250.
The pair even broke the 50% Fibonacci retracement level of the key upward move from the $ 890 swing low to the $ 1,351 high. Ether price has dropped 20% and is approaching the support of $ 1000 and 100-hour simple moving average.

Bitcoin Miner Bit Digital Exceeds $ 1 Billion Market Cap
Bitcoin mining company Bit Digital now has a market value of over $ 1 billion.

The New York-based stock has soared nearly 7,500% over the past year, currently trading just above $ 25.
Along the way, Bit Digital has been actively expanding its mining operations, including a $ 13.9 million deal to buy nearly 18,000 Antminer and Whatsminer machines.

Ripple expects new growth to $ 0.35, while recessions remain supported
XRP price is currently correcting gains from $ 0.3700, but the fall remains limited.

Over the past two days, the XRP Rpple price has surged above the $ 0.2500 resistance level. The bulls gained strength, which led to a sharp upward movement above the $ 0.3000 barrier.
The price even rallied above the $ 0.3200 level and stalled above the simple moving average of 100. The price hit the $ 0.3500 level before the bears stopped near the $ 0.3700 zone. The bulls made two attempts to gain momentum above $ 0.3700, but to no avail.

HSBC blocks transactions from crypto exchanges
UK crypto traders and investors can no longer transfer their funds from digital asset exchanges to HSBC Bank.

According to a recent report in The Sunday Times, HSBC is blocking transactions between cryptocurrency exchanges and vice versa as it approaches Bitcoin and its brethren hard. A number of UK banks have also taken steps to prevent their clients from buying cryptoassets using debit or credit cards.

Cardano becomes the largest betting network, accounting for 69% of its circulating supply.
Cardano has been an extremely important project in the cryptocurrency ecosystem over the past few years.

According to data provided by Staking Rewards, Cardano has become the most decentralized network, accounting for 69% of its circulating supply. The seventh largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap of $ 10.26 billion surpassed Polkadot to become the largest betting network. Polkadot received 60.87% of its circulating supply, followed by Ethereum 2.0, which showed only 1.53%.

Ethereum Transaction Fee Flips Bitcoin To Report ATH
The cryptocurrency market is reaching new heights almost every day.

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, notes that its network fees are rising in sync with prices. Digital asset transaction fees hit an all-time high on January 4 when the altcoin traded above $ 1,000.
According to data from two analytics websites, the increase was between $ 15 and $ 17. While Blockchair peaked at $ 15.34, Ycharts peaked at $ 17.43.

BlockOne CTO and co-founder Dan Larimer resigns: EOS price drops 25%
Daniel Larimer left the company at the end of December 2020.

Dan Larimer, blockchain entrepreneur and co-founder of the company behind the popular EOS project, left office four years later. Interestingly, EOS’s own cryptocurrency immediately reacted with a sharp drop in prices of about 25%.

Bitcoin Miners Increase Revenue By 33% In December
Bitcoin miners generated $ 692 million in revenue in December, up 33% from November, according to Coin Metrics.

Continuing its own 48% growth in November, miners’ revenues continued to rise as Bitcoin surged more than 300% last year, briefly surpassing $ 29,000 for the first time on New Year’s Eve.
Miners’ revenue, measured in terahash per second, has nearly tripled in the past three months, reaching $ 0.284, the highest level since August 2019, according to Luxor Technologies.
Network fees generated $ 68.3 million in December, or nearly 10% of total revenue, slightly less than the 10.5% revenue represented by November fees.