Dismissal of Binance’s alliance with the Japanese crypto platform
Binance and Japanese platform TaoTao have not reached an agreement on a strategic alliance.

TaoTao announced on Monday that negotiations between the two parties to create a cryptocurrency trading platform intended for Japanese users ended without consent and the alliance was terminated, CoinDesk Japan reported.

DeFi Indexes Fall Despite Strong Fundamentals
Binance Futures’ DeFi Composite Index has lost half its value since launch.

The DeFi Index on Binance Futures has dropped more than 50% from an all-time high of $ 1,189 on its first day of trading, and the basket is now changing hands for just $ 507.

SEC Opens Criminal Case Against John McAfee For 7 Shillings ICO
The scandalous celebrity cryptocurrency was sued for supporting paid projects.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has filed charges against John McAfee, claiming the crypto celebrity made a profit by promoting certain ICO sales on Twitter.

$ 145 Million Bitcoins Moved From BitMEX To Binance And Gemini Following Fiasco CFTC
45,000 bitcoins were withdrawn from BitMEX following CFTC allegations.

Cryptocurrency investors have pulled about 45,000 bitcoins from the BitMEX derivatives exchange following recent allegations from the US CFTC. A significant portion of the huge amount ended up on two competing exchanges – Gemini and Binance.

XRP’s fortune can be reversed if this happens
XRP is up 8.71%.

While the collective market is struggling to cope with the recent bearish outcome, XRP has been relatively bullish over the past 24 hours. XRP is up 8.71%. Although there was a slight pullback, the price bounced back above the immediate support at $ 0.249.

Ethereum 2.0 testnet size exceeded 75 GB as ETH test rate exceeded 2 million
Test ETH made on Eth2 surpassed the 2 million mark.

According to the latest reports, two months after Medalla launched, each node on the Eth2 testnet already contains over 75 GB of data. Its predecessor, the parent Ethereum blockchain, is over 452 GB in size.

Central Bank of Thailand issues $ 1.6 billion government bonds on IBM blockchain
The Bank of Thailand has issued the world’s first blockchain-based government savings bond platform.

The Bank of Thailand has launched the world’s first blockchain-based government savings bond issuance platform using IBM blockchain technology.
Within two weeks of launch, the central bank sold more than $ 1.6 billion in savings bonds, according to an official statement from IBM on October 5, 2020.

Open Interest in CME Bitcoin Futures Drops Due to Rising DeFi
Bitcoin futures, listed on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, have lost their luster in recent weeks.

The open position in bitcoin futures across all cryptocurrency exchanges was $ 3.6 billion on Friday, peaking on August 17 at $ 5.7 billion.
While open interest in futures has declined, the total value of DeFi platforms has nearly tripled to $ 10.9 billion in the past two months, according to data provider DeFi Pulse.

MetaMask attracts 1 million monthly users thanks to the DeFi boom
The rapidly growing DeFi sector is increasing the MetaMask user base.

MetaMask, an Ethereum browser wallet developed by ConsenSys, has surpassed one million monthly active users for the first time.
This milestone comes about seven months after the total number of wallet users topped one million, suggesting that the parabolic growth of decentralized finance in 2020 has led to a sharp increase in MetaMask’s user base.
MetaMask attracts 1 million users

Fintech group worth $ 17.6 billion.
Italian e-payment giants merge

The two largest Italian digital payments companies Nexi and SIA praised the new deal to create a domestic payments group with revenues of 1.8 billion euros. The new firm plans to expand its operations in Europe and compete with other digital payments companies.
Nexi and SIA, considered the two main rivals in the Italian electronic payments market, are expected to merge one of the largest firms, gaining 70% of the domestic market share. The new company is expected to have a market capitalization of 15 billion euros.
Fintech group worth $ 17.6 billion