Crypto Markets Collapse $ 10 Billion As Trump Completes Pandemic Relief Talks
Global stock markets and cryptocurrency markets have plummeted.

Amid a remarkably rapid recovery from the virus that has claimed more than 210,000 American lives, President Donald Trump abruptly ended talks with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders over new economic aid packages.
Total market capitalization has dropped by about $ 10 billion in the last 24 hours. Markets fell from $ 335 billion to just under $ 325 billion as a result of the move, according to

Former CEO Chris Larsen says Ripple is close to leaving the US
Former Ripple CEO Chris Larsen does not expect to see a favorable regulatory regime in the US.

In an October 6 interview with Fortune reporter Jeff John Roberts, former Ripple CEO Chris Larsen revealed that the $ 10 billion blockchain payments company was close to leaving the US due to regulatory enmity.

Ethereum hash rate surpasses ATH after DeFi boom
DeFi craze sparks a surge in transactions on the Ethereum network

The hash rate of Ethereum exceeded 250 terahashes per second for the first time in blockchain history. This new record was achieved after nearly 80% continuous growth since January 2020.

Japanese LINE launches cryptocurrency lending service
LVC is launching a service that allows users to provide cryptoassets in exchange for BITMAX.

Between October 7-30, the company will run a campaign that will allow users to earn up to 10% per annum on lending fees, according to a statement filed by LINE on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Tuesday.
The rent is charged every day, starting the next day after the rent.
As reported by CoinDesk Japan, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are eligible for the lending service.
Cryptocurrency lending service

Israeli government investigates failed hack targeting Crypto CEOs
According to Haaretz, Israel’s intelligence community is investigating a mysterious but unsuccessful burglary attempt.

The executives reportedly lost access to their Telegram and email clients and, as a result, their personal data was stolen in a likely SMS spoofing incident that appears to have only affected users of the telecommunications giant known as Partner.

Best Ethereum MetaMask Wallet Reaches Milestone Despite DeFi Slowdown
The Ethereum decentralized finance market has received strong opposition in recent weeks.

One analysis by a renowned cryptanalyst shows that the average DeFi coin, including Ethereum, has dropped 60.5% from their local highs. Even the most successful manufacturer, Maker, has lost an astounding 30% since its peak.

Google Cloud joins the EOS blockchain community
A former Goldman Sachs executive named Martin Chavez will chair the company’s advisory board.

Google Cloud has joined the EOS blockchain community with the intention of becoming a block producer. This will require approval from the EOS community. The company’s press release quoted Google Cloud developer and advocate Allen Day as confirming that his company is embarking on the process of becoming a block producer:

BNP Paribas and Curv Introduce a Secure Method of Transferring Security Tokens
Proof of Concept Security Token Transfer featuring BNP Paribas and Curv.

Securities provider BNP Paribas has completed a Proof of Concept with cloud-based crypto wallet provider Curv to demonstrate a highly secure way to transfer security tokens.

CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management Sells All His Bitcoins
Energetic CEO Says He Sold All His Bitcoin

Keith McCullough, CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management cashed out bitcoins. McCullough, an outspoken bitcoin commentator since 2017, announced the news to his 189,000 Twitter followers.
McCullough did not give a reason for selling all of his bitcoin, but retweeted a comment by Luca Balstrieri, who said McCullough “understands correlations and is not a permanent member.”
Keith McCullough Sells All Her Bitcoins

OKEx derivatives exchange targets small investors by providing real-time data
Cryptoexchange partners with Skew data analytics website.

The largest cryptocurrency derivatives exchange OKEx has announced a new initiative aimed at making its cryptocurrency derivatives more transparent and more accessible to ordinary investors.

The bitcoin derivatives exchange Bitnomial attracts $ 11.6 million from investors.
The bitcoin derivatives market Bitnomial has attracted $ 11.6 million from investors.

In its Oct 5 bid, the company said it received money from 13 different investors, with the first sale dated Sept 18. CoinDesk first announced the amount of the fee.
Block previously reported that Bitmonial is seeking to raise up to $ 10 million in Series B funding. The money from this fundraising period will support the company’s ambitious plans to create the leading bitcoin exchange in the United States.