19% of all Bitcoins held on BitMEX are withdrawn after CFTC debits
After controversial events, traders withdrew over $ 336 million of BTC from the BitMEX derivatives exchange.

Recent data showed that cryptocurrency traders withdrew the first batch of 23,200 BTC from BitMEX.
This sizable amount represents around 13% of all bitcoins held on the popular bitcoin derivatives exchange.
Glassnode data showed that this is “the largest hourly BTC churn from BitMEX” that the company is tracking.

Coinbase UK Announces Wave of Crypto Owners to HMRC
Crypto exchange Coinbase will share information about some of its customers with the UK tax authorities.

Coinbase UK holders who have received over £ 5,000 in cryptocurrency will be transferred to UK tax authority HMRC.
The email said that HMRC initially required Coinbase to provide certain records of its UK customers between 2017 and 2019. However, after discussions with the tax authority, the notice was modified so that it only affects users who meet some minimum requirements.
Coinbase UK partners with HMRC

Russian ex-oligarch reportedly supports new DeFi project
The former owner of a Russian bank appears to be moving into a decentralized space.

Russian businessman and self-styled “ex-oligarch” Alexander Lebedev is supporting a new decentralized finance project that aims to compete on a wide range of financial products.

Bitcoin Balance On Exchanges Drops To 23-Month Low
Exchanges are seeing their bitcoin balance drop while its usage is at DeFi peaks.

According to Glassnode, on February 11, 2020, the total amount of bitcoins held in exchange wallets hit an all-time high of 2.97 million bitcoins, and has seen a sharp downtrend since then.

US National Authorities Pled Guilty To $ 3 Million Bitcoin Escrow Fraud
The US Department of Justice announced that John Thompson has pleaded guilty to fraud.

Cryptocurrency escrow chief John Barry Thompson has pleaded guilty in federal court in Manhattan to commodity fraud. In 2018, he received over $ 3 million from one company and was unable to deliver bitcoins for that amount.

ECB Says Need to Prepare for Digital Euro Issue
The European Central Bank said Europe should be ready to launch the digital euro.

The European Central Bank has said it should be ready for a digital euro in light of how digitalization is spreading to all walks of life.
This announcement was timed to coincide with the publication of the Digital Euro Report, which outlines the reasons for introducing the digital euro, the potential implications it could have for the continent, and the legal implications the digital euro could have. But one thing is for sure: the ECB wants to protect the euro from lagging behind.
ECB on preparation for digital euro

RippleNet is well prepared for 2030, according to Ripple’s senior vice president of product.
RippleNet is ready for the changes that will reshape the global payments industry over the next ten years

Ashish Birla, senior vice president of products at Ripple, said that RippleNet is ISO 20022 compliant, so the blockchain giant is well prepared for the upcoming changes.
As previously reported, Ripple top manager Marcus Treacher said that the current payments market is highly fragmented, but is still on the verge of a major transformation.

bitFlyer continues to be one of the best Bitcoin exchanges in Europe since 2018.
bitFlyer has been the dominant organization for the past few years.

BitFlyer, originally based outside of Japan, is the only exchange licensed to operate on three different continents: EU, US, and Japan.
Right now, JPY is the second most traded pair with roughly 20% of the world’s bitcoin trading volume, and bitFlyer, as the market leader in Japan, accounts for 70% of JPY’s trading volume.

Romania auctioned bitcoin and ether confiscated in a criminal case
The winning bidder will need to provide the auction house with a crypto address.

The Romanian authorities are about to hold their first-ever auction of a cryptocurrency withdrawn from a fraud case.
On October 2, the National Agency for Seized Assets Management announced an upcoming auction for the sale of confiscated bitcoins and ether, as required by a prosecutor’s order in the Ploiesti court. The exact amount of the cryptocurrency to be auctioned has not been disclosed.

Venezuela Launches Ethereum-Based Stock Exchange To Bypass US Sanctions
Venezuela has launched a “decentralized” national stock exchange built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The exchange, available under a new law published Tuesday in the country’s Official Gazette, is part of new measures announced by President Nicholas Maduro in an attempt to bypass tough US sanctions.