The day began for all cryptocurrencies with a fall. The only asset that managed to maintain a positive trend was Tether. During the day, the cryptocurrency has risen in price by only 0.3%. Bitcoin is still trading slightly below the $ 12 thousand level. Chainlink and ETH suffered the most in 24 hours. Over the past day, the Chainlink rate has dropped by more than 9%, while ETH has fallen in price by more than 6%.

Tether overtook bitcoin in popularity in East Asia
Such results are presented in the work of the Chainalysis team.

East Asia is the largest digital asset market. At the same time, in addition to the most capitalized cryptocurrency – bitcoin – residents of the region pay special attention to the stablecoin Tether. This conclusion, in the course of their next study of market performance for the year, came from analysts at Chainalysis.
Research: Tether overtook bitcoin

CFTC requests $ 429 million fine for Bitcoin pyramid organizer
The regulator accuses the owner of Control-Finance of creating a cryptocurrency pyramid.

The Commission sued Control-Finance and Reynolds last year. According to the regulator’s lawsuit, since at least May 1, 2017, the company and its sole founder and director have misappropriated 22,858 BTC worth $ 147 million at that time from more than a thousand investors in a pyramid scheme called Affiliate Program Control-Finance.
Legal action for Control-Finance

Swiss crypto firm automates bitcoin transactions in line with FATF requirements
Financial regulators around the world are implementing FATF-recommended Travel Rules.

Three Swiss companies – 21 Analytics, Crypto Finance AG and Mt Pelerin – have together made the first automatic switch to Bitcoin, fully compliant with the Swiss Financial Markets Authority’s anti-money laundering regulations.
Swiss Crypto Firm is FATF Compliant

Global Crypto Exchange PayBito Offers Franchise Benefits In India
PayBito offers franchise benefits to drive the emerging digital asset industry in India.

A leading cryptocurrency and digital asset exchange platform based in the US, PayBito is stepping up its operations in India in response to a huge response. The global exchange is offering entrepreneurs in the region the benefits of a franchise in an effort to fuel the emerging digital asset industry in India. This will allow franchise owners to become part of a respected crypto brand and to take advantage of the associated infrastructure benefits.
PayBito Offers India Franchise Benefits

John McAfee abandons Ghost crypto project: he says he will fail
Two-time US presidential candidate John McAfee has announced that he is leaving the ghost cryptocurrency project.

John McAfee, who built the Ghost ecosystem, which includes privacy-focused ghost cryptocurrency, exchange and phone service, announced that he no longer supports ghost cryptocurrency. On Wednesday, he tweeted, “I’m leaving the Ghost project. Management is unable to succeed in the project. No doubt he will fail. ” He then apologized to those he had “led astray.”
McAfee gave up on Ghost

Ethereum Classic Labs plans a “defensive mining” strategy when the hash rate drops
Ethereum Classic hashrate has dropped sharply since January and continues to decline after two successful 51% attacks on the network in early August.

The first attack, which occurred on August 1, was mistakenly recognized as a malfunction of the miner’s software. Five days later, another 51% attack was carried out. Both attacks reorganized over 3000 blocks on the Ethereum Classic chain.
As part of its “immediate attack prevention” measures, ETC Labs plans to implement a “defensive mining” strategy “through partnerships with miners and mining pools”, according to the report, with one of its stated goals “to maintain a more consistent hashrate.”
Defensive mining strategy

Market Watch: Bitcoin Falls To $ 11.6k, ETH Options Predict Price Below $ 400 By Year End
BTC is below its 10-day and 50-day moving averages, which is a bearish signal for market technicians.

OTC crypto trader Henrik Kugelberg expects a bullish, if not record-breaking, fourth quarter for bitcoin in the future, even if the number of sluggish market days continues to rise. “I expect a slower curve, but wouldn’t be surprised if we hit $ 15,000 BTC in October and somewhere around $ 18,000-20,000 at the end of the year.”
The Ethereum options market predicts that by the end of 2020, the prices of the world’s second largest cryptocurrency will not be much higher than they are now.
Cryptocurrency market overview