CRYPTO NEWS: Latest BITCOIN News, OKEx News, DEFI News, Kik News!

CRYPTO NEWS: Latest BITCOIN News, OKEx News, DEFI News, Kik News
Bitcoin overcomes serious resistance at $ 12k.
Bitcoin Price Rises More Than 2%

Bitcoin price gained bullish momentum after successfully closing above the $ 11,560 resistance. BTC even broke through the $ 11,800 resistance and settled well above the 100-hour simple moving average.
As a result, the bulls gained strength and were able to push the price above the $ 12,000 resistance. A new weekly high has formed around $ 12,160 and the price is currently showing many positive signals.

Average Bitcoin Transaction Value Increased 500% Since July
The average Bitcoin transaction is now worth over $ 150,000.

The average transaction cost four months ago was approximately $ 25,000 per transaction, but on October 20, the annual maximum cost of $ 151,000 per transfer was reached, representing an increase of more than 500%.
The average cost of $ 151,000 is 190 times the average Ethereum transaction cost of $ 793, suggesting a significantly greater institutional presence in the bitcoin markets.
BTC transaction cost increased by 500%

Altcoins lose over $ 4 billion in market capitalization
Altcoin market is in dark red in the last 24 hours

Some leading cryptocurrencies are losing 4 to 10%. According to charts on CoinMarketCap, altcoins have lost over $ 4 billion in combined market capitalization in the last 24 hours.
Among the top ten cryptocurrencies, Chainlink lost the most in percentage terms and fell 7.75%. LINK is trading at $ 10.41 with a market cap of over $ 4 billion. Other biggest losers in the altcoin space are ETH, which shed 3.28%, XRP, which shed 4.46%, Binance Coin, which shed 6.02%, and Cardano, which shed 6.68%.
Altcoins lose more than $ 4 billion

OKEx Resumes Peer-to-Peer Fiat Trading for Chinese Yuan
Crypto exchange OKEx will resume peer-to-peer fiat trading from 20:00 HKT on October 21.

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx said in a statement on Wednesday that it will resume the peer-to-peer tunnel for exchanging fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies for the Chinese yuan, Vietnamese dong and Indian rupee starting at 8:00 pm Hong Kong time on October 21st.

Peer-to-peer NFT sales skyrocket as the average purchase price increases 7x
The total volume of NFT during its existence on the Ethereum blockchain alone has exceeded $ 120 million.

From NFTs presenting NBA finale moments to crypto industry character cards, the total lifespan of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain alone exceeds $ 120 million, according to crypto research firm Messari.

Signature Bank Increases Deposits by $ 1B in Q3 Driven by Notable Growth from Stablecoin Issuers
Signature Bank Deposits Increase $ 4.11 Billion In Q3

The $ 1 billion added in the third quarter accounted for a quarter of the bank’s new deposits of $ 4.11 billion, up 8%.
About 30% of Signature’s total deposits of $ 54.34 billion, or $ 16.2 billion, are interest-free, which is usually the case for deposits in the crypto industry. Signature deposits increased marginally to 66 basis points from 56 basis points in the second quarter.
Signature Bank increased deposits

The Bahamas launches the world’s first CBDC, the Sand Dollar.
This makes the Bahamas one of the first countries in the world to officially launch CBDC beyond the pilot program.

The central bank digital currency was made available to all 393,000 residents of the Bahamas from approximately 10:00 p.m. UTC, according to a Facebook post by Project Sand Dollar on October 20. This makes the Bahamas the first country in the world to officially implement CBDC.

DeFi deja vu as the launch of another stealth project by André Cronier
Investors suffered losses after rushing to trade their own token of André Cronier’s latest experiment with DeFi.

Yearn Finance creator André Cronier has discreetly published his third protocol to GitHub since August 19 October, dubbed the Keep3r Network.
Despite the lack of an official launch announcement and the Keep3r documentation stating that the protocol is in beta testing, overly tempestuous investors have rushed to invest in the project again, many of whom have already suffered losses.

Kik and SEC Reach $ 5 Million Deal to End Protracted Legal Battle
Kik has reached an agreement with the SEC to pay a $ 5 million fine in its case against KIN.

The history of the lawsuit between Kik and the SEC seems to be coming to an end. The SEC filed a motion with the Southern District Court of New York to close the case and impose a $ 5 million fine.

Nine Chilean Freight Shipping Companies Approve Development of Joint Blockchain Platform
It could become the first of its kind blockchain offshore cargo platform in the region.

Chile’s National Economic Prosecutor’s Office has given permission for nine national cargo shipping companies to establish a joint venture to develop a blockchain platform, the first of its kind in the region.