The most popular cryptocurrencies today started the day with a fall. So, Bitcoin fell in price and its price is slightly higher than $ 11 thousand. Chainlink and XRP also did not show positive results: they lost more than 3%. But Ethereum continues to show positive dynamics. As of today, the cryptocurrency has risen in price by 1%.

Opinion: bitcoin is still one of the most undervalued assets
Investors believe that the cryptocurrency may grow.

Recently, bitcoin was above the $ 12 thousand level. Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency continues to lose value, many members of the crypto community see prospects for further growth of BTC.

More than 95% of the volume of cryptocurrency futures is in Asia
Asian exchanges account for over 95% of cryptocurrency futures volume, according to a new report from Swiss Blockchain Valley Ventures.

Huobi, Binance and OKEx have surpassed BitMEX as the leading exchanges in the spot and derivatives markets.
From Q1 to Q2 in 2020, total crypto derivatives – value tied to bets on future price movements – increased by $ 60 billion to $ 2.16 trillion.
Due to how widely derivatives vary across exchanges, BVV predicts that there will be multiple acquisitions in the crypto exchange market over the next few months, these are LedgerX, BitFlyer and ErisX.

Marathon will double its pool hashrate by acquiring Fastblock for $ 22 million
Marathon continues to grow its computing power.

Mining company Marathon Patent Group has signed a letter of intent to acquire Fastblock Mining, which operates on a mining-as-a-service model. Under the terms of the deal with Fastblock, more than 3 thousand ASIC miners will be transferred to the company.

Uniswap introduced a tool to combat fraudulent tokens
Token List allows you to create lists of tokens and host them on public servers.

Decentralized exchange Uniswap has introduced a new standard for generating lists of ERC-20 tokens. The initiative aims to combat the fake tokens that have flooded the exchange due to free listing practices.

New Fidelity Fund Empowers Institutions to Passively Invest in Bitcoin
Fidelity is adding an institutional bitcoin fund to its portfolio of investment packages.

Fidelity’s latest venture, the Wise Origin Bitcoin Index, provides passive bitcoin investing to family offices, HNIs, hedge funds, and other classes of institutional investors.

Polkadot Will Soon Utilize Ethereum Billions With Interoperable Bridge
The bridge between Ethereum and Polkadot allows users to move all of their assets between the two platforms.

Snowfork is building a bridge that will allow trustless transfer of tokens, loans, derivatives and any other assets between Ethereum and Polkadot. If successful, this could be the catalyst for wider adoption of DeFi.

“Ethereum has dropped to a critical level.” What will happen to cryptocurrency
Altcoin price fell below $ 390.

Ethereum has been declining over the past two weeks. On August 15, the cryptocurrency reached a local maximum above $ 440, after which it began to fall in price. Since then, its price has dropped 12%, to its current level of $ 385.
A Cointelegraph analyst explained that the latest decline in the cryptocurrency price was due to the inability of buyers to lift it above the $ 415.6 resistance level. Now the asset price cannot gain a foothold above the $ 393 mark, which indicates a lack of demand at higher levels.
Ethereum price declines

SEC Says New York Stock Exchange. May Allow Firms To Raise Funding Through Direct Listings
The Securities and Exchange Commission has given the green light to the New York Stock Exchange.

Firms will be admitted to new listings on an individual basis and must meet certain thresholds, including the likelihood of a $ 100 million share sale on the first day of trading on the NYSE.
The so-called initial direct listing will also allow companies to avoid certain restrictions associated with an IPO, namely blocking periods that prevent insider trading.
Launch of a direct listing on the NYSE

Gold and Bitcoin will rise in price – Bloomberg forecast
The bitcoin rate and the gold price will continue to grow, continuing the bullish trend in the market.

Bloomberg Intelligence senior analyst Mike McGlone argues that governments around the world are continuing to issue massive amounts of fiat currencies to overcome the coronavirus crisis. That is why confidence in the stability of such money decreases. Because of this, investors are increasingly opting for gold. Mike McGlone believes that gold could reach $ 3,000 per troy ounce.
Bitcoin, like gold, is also considered a “defensive” asset, and today cryptocurrency is attracting the attention of an increasing number of institutional investors.
Forecast: gold and bitcoin will rise in price