Bitcoin Recovers Strength, But Breakthrough Above $ 13,700
The bitcoin price is up more than 3% and has strengthened with support at $ 13,000 against the US dollar.

Bitcoin is now facing strong resistance around the $ 13,650 and $ 13,700 levels. He has already made two attempts to gain strength above $ 13,650, but to no avail.
A recent high was formed around $ 13,672 and is currently correcting lower. It broke through the $ 13,500 level and traded below the 23.6%

Crypto Exchange FTX Launches Bitcoin Pairs For Wall Street Stocks Like Tesla, Apple, Amazon
FTX launches Bitcoin pairs for well-known Wall Street stocks like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Tesla, etc.

The FTX Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange will give cryptocurrency traders the ability to trade tokenized shares of large companies such as Apple Inc. and Amazon. The so-called fractional shares will soon be available on the company’s platform.
FTX will partner with German finance firm CM Equity AG and Swiss Digital Assets AG, according to a recent report. The collaboration aims to offer traders what are called fractional shares – about twelve stock / crypto pairs that will be traded on the FTX platform.

Ripple Pays $ 9.3M to MoneyGram According to Q3 Report
MoneyGram disclosed $ 9.3 million in cash from Ripple in its Q3 income statement.

According to the third quarter report, money transfer company MoneyGram received a cash injection of $ 9.3 million from Ripple in the third quarter of 2020.

Binance Beats BitMEX As Most Liquid Bitcoin Perpetual Swap
Binance has continued to gain traction since its launch last September.

Recent data showed that BitMEX, once a leading cryptocurrency derivatives platform, surpassed Binance this month as having the most liquid Bitcoin perpetual swap. This was noted by the Skew cryptanalytic platform.

Harvest Finance Increases Remuneration To $ 1 Million For Information Leading To Return Of Exploited Funds
Harvest Finance’s decentralized finance protocol has increased the reward from $ 100,000 to $ 1 million.

According to the Harvest Finance Twitter and Discord account, the anonymous Harvest Finance team is offering rewards for “tracking down” an attacker and getting refunds.

Here’s what Bitcoin’s recent hashrate drop could mean for miners
Bitcoin hash rate dropped by over 43.47% in 3 days

Bitcoin hash rate dropped by over 43.47% in 3 days due to the closure of Chinese mining farms for the dry season. The reason is that they cannot generate enough hydropower without rain, along with a sharp rise in energy costs.

Fidelity Brings Its Crypto Business Into Asian Market
Fidelity Digital Assets has teamed up with Stack Funds to help large Asian investors enter the cryptocurrency world.

Fidelity Digital Assets, the cryptocurrency-focused wing of financial services giant Fidelity, is reportedly teaming up with a Singapore-based startup in an effort to meet the needs of the Asian market.
Bloomberg announced that Fidelity Digital Assets will be working with investment manager Stack Funds.

Binance Funds Five More DeFi Projects
Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Wants A Piece Of DeFi Cake On Its Binance Smart Chain

According to the October 29 announcement, Binance announced that five projects will be backed by its $ 100 million acceleration fund for DeFi projects that use its Binance Smart Chain smart contract blockchain. Since the first six projects were funded by the exchange earlier this month, the total number of projects the company plans to finance has reached 11.
Binance Funds Five More DeFi Projects

Iran became the first country to use bitcoin as a medium of exchange
Iran became the first country to include Bitcoin as a legal medium of exchange within its jurisdiction.

Following new US Treasury sanctions earlier this week, Iran now hopes to use bitcoin for cross-border payments, local media reported.
The Iranian government has amended its cryptocurrency regulations so that miners can redirect cryptocurrency into Iran’s financial mechanism for international trading, as the country’s fiat currency continues to suffer from both US sanctions and the coronavirus pandemic.
Iran uses BTC as a medium of exchange

The largest bank in Mongolia offering cryptocurrency related services
The country continues to take slow but steady steps towards a crypto-friendly country.

Mongolia’s largest bank will soon begin offering crypto services including custody, remittances, deposits, loans and crypto asset management.
Blockchain company Hexland, founded by former Samsung developers, and tech company White Label Delio have agreed to partner with Ulaanbaatar-based Mongolia’s Trade and Development Bank, according to DDaily. It is one of the oldest banks in Mongolia with 50 branches throughout the country, ranking second out of 17 Mongolian banks in terms of assets.