The new work week began for most of the cryptocurrencies from the top 10 of the CoinMarketCap resource capitalization rating with a positive movement.

Bitcoin Continues to Consolidate: Important Price Levels Are Worth Watching
Bitcoin price is currently in a consolidation phase in a trading range of $ 11,100 to $ 11,900.

A breakout of the relevant price level could trigger a stronger price movement, while analysts anticipate a longer consolidation phase.
A few hours ago, Big Cheds shared an analysis of the bitcoin chart on his Twitter, in which he noted that there is currently no fixed direction in which the price of bitcoin is moving.

Canadian software startup invests 40% of its cash reserves in Bitcoin
Ottawa-based Snappa has announced its decision to convert a significant portion of its cash reserves to bitcoin.

Co-founder Christopher Gimmer told CoinDesk in a personal message, “The distribution itself is 40% of our cash reserves.” However, the company did not disclose the amount of bitcoins it currently holds, which Gimmer explained was taken “for privacy reasons.”

Marathon introduces new rigs for mining Bitcoin online.
The Marathon Patent Group received and deployed two batches of new mining machines.

According to the announcement on Monday, the company received 700 miners from MicroBT and 600 miners from Bitmain.
Between September and December of this year, 1,000 additional S19 Pro Antminers are expected to arrive, resulting in an expected additional 153.4 petahesh per second increase in hashrate.

Bitcoin is called a financial pyramid again
Ryanair CEO criticized BTC

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary called Bitcoin a scam because Bitcoin Lifestyle scam used his name to promote its services
Rynair compared bitcoin to a pyramid scheme and said it never invests in it. The billionaire recommended that everyone “who has even a drop of common sense” ignore the cryptocurrency market and avoid BTC like a “plague.”

Ryanair CEO criticized BTC

Bank for International Settlements: in 2020 CBDC became more popular than Bitcoin and Libra
According to experts, the popularity of CBDC was influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic

BIS associates the growing public interest in CBDC with several factors. First, it was spurred on by Facebook’s Libra announcement and subsequent public sector response. Second, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated society’s transition to digital payments, of which CBDC is certainly a part.

China to use stablecoins for settlements on the national blockchain network
Traditional cryptocurrencies will not be used.

Recently, information appeared on the network about the launch of the international portal of the PRC blockchain network. The project aims to bring together developers from all over the world. China’s offer may be beneficial for specialists from other countries. For example, BSN members have access to tools that can make dapps development 90% cheaper.

BitMEX Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange To Block Ontario Traders
Clients from Ontario, Canada will not be able to use the trading platform from September 1, 2020, according to a blog post on Monday.

New positions in derivative financial instruments cannot be opened after this date, and positions that have already been opened can be opened until January 4, 2021.

US residents will report their cryptocurrency investments on the first page of their tax return
For the first time, the IRS announced its intention to tax cryptocurrencies back in 2014.

US citizens who have made any transactions with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will report this immediately after filling out the identification data on the first page of the IRS declaration on Form 1040. This follows from the draft declaration for 2020.

Ripple: XRP Holders Can Get Spark Token Through Airdrop
Although the start date for the main Flare Network has yet to be specified, XRP holders may already start claiming the Spark token.

XRP Labs founder Witse Wind urged the XRP community a few days ago to prepare for the Spark token application, Flare Network’s own token. According to CNF, Flare Network is gearing up to launch, but the exact start date for the utility fork has yet to be announced.

African american vernacular english obtains UK financial license
Aave hit record highs as the first DeFi project to receive a monetary license in the UK.

Aave’s non-custodial lending and borrowing protocol has received the green light in the United Kingdom to offer services such as “e-money and payment services”.