San Francisco-based Coinbase said in its Crypto H1 2020 review that it now operates the largest regulated exchange in the world – and continues to grow.
This has always been the goal of Coinbase: the exchange has its Prime platform for financial institutions looking to trade business funds and Coinbase Custody, which provides financial institutions with reliable and reliable means of storing digital assets.
The Coinbase cryptocurrency review also noted the explosion in decentralized finance, which was fueled in part by the exchange. Last month, it listed as one of the best DeFi tokens last month, and in December gave its users the opportunity to earn DAI by opening a Debt Collateralized Position on the Maker platform.
Number of Crypto exchange Coinbase users

ESPN Announces Online Games That Allow Bitcoin Deposit and Withdrawal
ESPN Global has announced the launch of a blockchain gaming platform that will allow competitors to deposit and withdraw funds using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through Cryptopay.

The platform also integrates Satoshi’s Treasure online treasure hunt with $ 1 million bitcoins to be split among 1,000 winners.
In a June 23 statement, the UK-based company said it was in preparation for launching a platform that will offer some of the most popular games in a single mobile app for crypto prizes. Blockchain technology will allow decentralizing the verification and support of transactions within the platform.
Online games with bitcoin I / O

Illegal Crypto Mining is Booming in the Republic of Abkhazia
The Republic of Abkhazia is witnessing a surge in crypto mining activities despite crypto-related activities being illegal since 2018.

Customs have reported that mining hardware worth over $589,000 has crossed the border over the past six months.
According to Nuzhnaya Gazeta, importing crypto mining rigs remains legally permissible. Importers are required to pay taxes equal to 1% of the hardware’s worth and a VAT of 10%.
Illegal crypto mining in Abkhazia

China-Backed Crypto Guru Wants to Unify the World’s Blockchains
The little-known startup had one of the most ambitious plans to bridge all the differences between thousands of different platforms, and it got the backing of the Chinese government.

Beijing-based Red Date Technology is the backbone of China’s first government blockchain initiative, conceived as a one-stop-shop for developers to build decentralized applications for everything from monetary transactions to tracking drug delivery. Since its launch in April, the blockchain-based service network has attracted more 6,000 corporate, government and individual users, mostly from China.
According to CEO He Yifang, the startup’s goal is to spread BSN around the world, allowing anyone to build blockchain-based applications without having to publish proposals on isolated platforms.
Startup: connecting different platforms

Weiss Ratings Claim One Crypto Will Be The Center Of A Billion Dollar Revolution – And It’s Not Bitcoin
US investment analysis firm Weiss Ratings says the billion-dollar cryptocurrency is in full swing, with one cryptocurrency to take center stage.

In a post published on Saturday, Weiss Ratings says the ChainLink oracle network is well placed to leverage the growing growth of smart contracts and decentralized finance.
“DeFi platforms are hot right now, with almost $ 1 billion in collateral. Oracles extends not only DeFi, but everything that 2nd and 3rd generation cryptography does. So it is hardly an exaggeration to say that Chainlink will be at the heart of the crypto revolution going forward. ”
ChainLink is designed to change the game by acting as a bridge between real data and data on the chain. The oracle network takes data off the blockchain and transfers it along the chain.
Weiss Predictions for ChainLink