Do you need to sell XRP? Bitcoin to kill altcoins. Ethereum 2.0 Finally launched. BTC correction

What to do if you bought XRP for 70 cents: to sell it now and make a loss, or wait for $1? Today, we’re talking about the price of XRP and other altcoins, which is now on the verge of a massive drop if the Bitcoin price won’t rise.

Let’s sort out when to expect the growth of Bitcoin above $20,000 based on the analysis of the previous BTC market cycle. Is the current correction going to be 30% or Paypal buyers will send us to the Moon.

In the end, we will discuss the launch of phase zero of Ethereum 2.0, which took place on December 1. What is gonna happen with the Ethereum blockchain and how the leading cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Coinbase reacted to this event.

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