Gemini: The Best Way to Buy Cryptocurrency in 2021 (Lowest Fees Tutorial)

In this video I show you definitively the best way to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any cryptocurrency in 2021. Not only is this strategy done with a safe, reputable, regulated exchange – Gemini, the fee structure is the lowest of any exchange I’ve ever seen, and once you set this up it will fully run itself without you having to do any more work! Automated, cheap, safe Bitcoin is the best Bitcoin 🙂

None of this is advice to buy Cryptocurrency, I am just sharing my experience and the systemI’ve created that saves the most money, saves me the most time, and is done with a reputable company.

📓 Link to Gemini Code in Notion:

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📈 How to Set up Google Spreadsheet Profit Tracking:

⏱ Popular Cron Expressions:
15th + 30th of each Month: 0 12 15,30 * ? *
Every Friday: 0 12 ? * FRI *
Last day of each Month: 0 12 L * ? *

0:00 Intro
1:02 Gemini Fee Schedule
3:51 Setting Up Gemini API
5:02 Buy Bitcoin Lambda Function
8:55 Automation With CloudWatch
11:50 Setting up Transfers
13:40 Is There Anything Better?