How to buy bitcoins

buy/ sell cryptocurrency/BITCOIN with 100 X leverage . no KYC.

Red diamond

1 minute chart just as an example to show signals are live, can use any time frame you want 15min,1hr etc ..
Can skip to 50 sec to see signal direct, else enjoy the build.

A tool designed with love and experience for you to trade any kind of markets, let it be cryptocurrency, forex, equity ,index, commodities…

5min, 15min, 1hr,4hr, daily etc no problem.

Gives audio flash alerts, color coded candles, sms/email alerts also available when signal triggers.

In short- signals will pop automatically on the chart, So just buy on buy signal, sell on sell signal.. simple.

Available on one of the best charting sites- Tradingview

Can open account here-

Find user id LA4440, ie me here—

Connect on tradingview