How to Invest Your First $100 (200% Return)

In this video, I show how to invest your first $100. This is based on my opinion and what I would do if I was to start fresh today and invest my first $100.

This is not your typical how to invest your first $100 video. This is a strategy and blueprint on how to take that $100 and quickly flip it for a 200% return. Once we have that 200% return we will then start a longer term investment plan.

I think you will enjoy this video, it took me a long time to make it and I think it is a good fresh idea on how you could invest your first $100.

Below are the 6 Steps I discuss in the video and the links need to accomplish the 200% return on that first $100. Follow these steps carefully and make sure to use the links below to get the bonuses discussed.

Steps Discussed In Video:

Step 1: Open a Coinbase account using the link below and fund it with $100 to get a $10 Signup bonus in Bitcoin:

Step 2: Sell the $10 in Bitcoin you just got

Step 3: Within Coinbase Complete the Earn Crypto Free Courses. You may need likes for EOS and Stellar Lumens:

Stellar Lumens:

Step 4: Sell the Free Crypto you just earned within the Coinbase Courses.

Step 5: Open a Savings Account with SoFi to get a $50 Bonus using this link:

Step 6: Open an account with M1 Finance or Robinhood depending on the Investment Strategy you choose as discussed in video using these links to get your bonuses:

M1 Finance:


Congrats! You did it! You should be close to a 200% return on your first investment of $100. These numbers are not exact, but you should be close.

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I am not a financial adviser. The ideas presented in this video are personal opinions and for entertainment purposes only. You (and only you) are responsible for the financial decisions that you make.