HUGE Bitcoin Price Prediction| Bitcoin News!

There is a HUGE Bitcoin Price Prediction that I will going over and today’s Bitcoin News!

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So if you’re wondering which cryptocurrencies to buy now? then be sure to watch this video fully because we are going to be going over Bitcoin and Bitcoin’s price prediction for 2021 and moving forward.

Yes, today, we are talking about cryptocurrencies, but more specifically we are talking about Bitcoin.

Because some massive news just came out this week that can have massive complications for Cryptocurrencies moving forward, but more importantly I want to break down exactly why cryptocurrency has the potential to 100 x within the next 5 years.

Now cryptocurrencies have been seeing a massive resurgence in value with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies… with Investors like Cathie wood of ARK INVEST saying that bItcoin could hit 500 thousand dollars, with square also just buying 50 million in bitcoin and Now Paypal will allow its customers to buy and sell Bitcoin.


First, What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an electronic currency, but unlike government issued currencies, there is not single entity that issues bitcoin or is in charge of issuing bitcoin in charge of processing its transaction.

Now with out Bitcoin is was impossible to make payments without the help of a third party and we had to use banks or payment processors which were expensive. So Bitcoin solves this problem by working peer to peer electronic currency meaning that payments are sent directly from one person to another.

So when you have one of the biggest Tesla Stock bulls out there stating that bitcoin could hit 500k per coin, then you just have stocks and the cryptocurrency start to combine.

So without a doubt it has been an interesting year for bitcoin, because we know that bitcoin as “internet money” increases more in value when more people start to adopt it.

And just with electric vehicles where many people doubted companies like Tesla and NIO, and it took a long time for people to adapt to the world of EV’s.

Now if the adoption of the technology is not there, then the technology is not going to take off.

Because if NIO or Tesla made cars that nobody buys then its worth nothing! Things are changing, and the views on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are starting to change too.

So you need to make sure that you’re doing your research before investing into cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin because the price can be very volatile. Now, the HUGE Bitcoin price prediction is very high, but with that, there will be a lot of down along the way. So you need to make sure that when Investing, you’re doing enough research.

I hope you enjoyed this Bitcoin news update!

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