IA News: Bitcoin + New BTC Prices, Ethereum, Palantir, CBDC’s, Debasement + how we are still early!

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IA News: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Palantir, CBDC’s, Debasement and how we are still early!

0:00 Introduction
0:20 Bloomberg – BTC to $400K in 2021
“Bitcoin Fills The Digital Reserve-asset Need In Low-yield World”
“Indicators Point To Rising Bitcoin-to-gold Ratio”
“Bitcoin Replacing Old-guard Gold Is More Sudden Than Gradual”
“Digital Vs. Analog: Bitcoin’s Upper Hand”

1:30 Robert Kiyosaki New BTC Target – 1.2M in 5 Years!
2000% Gains!
Gresham’s Law good money replaces bad money
Boomer Pensions are shrinking
People at bottom of economic ladder are going to get hurt
Time to get a crypto plan

3:00 Coins moving off Exchanges Glassnode indicates over 1.98 million Bitcoin have transacted above the $1 trillion market cap
Coinbase sees massive BTC outflows
Treasuries are moving BTC to cold storage

4:00 Coins moving off Exchanges Unprecedented moves in a bull market
This is all since BTC hit 50K
Coins Moving Off Exchanges

4:30 Strong hands buying the dips
5:00 Think about it – WE ARE EARLY!
7:00 Double-Digit Debasement
Debasement refers to lowering the value of a currency
In old days it was diluting silver
Silver was diluted and saved for soldiers to fund wars
90% to 50% to …
It drove hyperinflation – the first ever
Revolt followed
Fall of the Roman Empire

8:00 The Federal Reserve recently discontinued updating the M1 + M2
Change in attitude from largest CB
Powell has very explicitly claimed that money doesn’t matter
Measurement of money doesn’t really matter because it’s unrelated to inflation
The Fed Hiding the M2 Ball?

9:00 BTC vs ETH
Bitcoin & Ethereum is to Gold & Electricity
BTC stores value
ETH facilitates DeFi
ETH has a higher Beta
Sub for my upcoming mix

9:30 BTC vs ETH: Cuban Bullish on ETH
Cuban praises Ethereum network upgrades
Loves NFTs
Says its uses will ‘dwarf’ BTC’s
He owns more ETHs than BTCs (well, everyone does!)

10:30 NFTs Down 70% From the Highs (that was fast!) Silent Crash
Down about 70% from a peak of $1,400 per NFT
Number of NFT sales down about a third in the last 10 days.

11:00 CDBC Digital Yuan (DY) is here and it ain’t Bitcoin!
DY does not live on a public ledger
Controlled by Chinese Govt
Not a peer-to-peer currency
Tied to the old currency
No algorithmic protocol
Programmable to the point that the currency can be made to expire
A new method for surveilling the population, creating new data which can be tracked by authorities

More deals
Bigger deals
Eg Palantir $89.9 million nuclear safety project contract
Palantir Contracts Accelerating

15:00 Conclusions
Huge price predictions 400K and 1.2M
Coins flying off exchanges
Strong hands, weak hands
We are still early
Debasement update
Fed hiding the ball?
BTC vs ETH still very different but there is only one BTC
CBDCs are here… and scary
Palantir is crushing it

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