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If you’re wondering whether Bitcoin mining is still profitable or if Ethereum mining is worth it or if people can still mine cryptocurrencies in their homes in 2021 the answer is absolutely YES to all of the above. I am earning $143 in passive income with cryptocurrency mining BTC ETH and other crypto coins in my house. I added 30 amps of 240v electricity to my garage, along with a portable AC unit with a permanent vent outside of my garage that allows me to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum year-round. I am mining digital currencies with CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, and ASIC miners which enables me to mine many different cryptocurrencies that I sell for my preferred coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as dollars to pay my electric bill which is naturally quite high with my residential electric rate! Let’s review my most profitable crypto mining rigs and how am I actually earning this much money mining at home in 2021!

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12:08 Crypto Mining Rig 9
13:41 What am I making per day mining cryptocurrency?
16:01 How much did all the gear cost?
18:00 What to consider if you want to start mining – my top tips
21:23 Where to buy miners? Which to buy?
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