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Let’s review the latest FREE crypto airdrops that are potentially earning crypto investors and DeFi users hundreds of EXTRA dollars — It pays in more way than one to be into cryptocurrency!
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We’ve been talking a lot about crypto airdrops lately, and how you can claim the best crypto airdrops! It’s really pretty easy, and a lot of airdrops can be claimed with only a small crypto investment, like holding a badger token and then voting on Decentralized Finance DeFi coin governance on snapshot! Voting on snapshot page doesn’t even cost GAS, so it’s free to throw your Ethereum address into the airdrop list. Ethereum transaction fees continue to be ridiculous, and yet most of the exciting DeFi coins are launching on Ethereum because of the userbase, and Gitcoin grants round 9 donors finally get their first airdrop! Badger DAO voters receive an airdrop as well! Binance Smart Chain BSC Binance BNB DeFi continues to be a super cheap way of testing out DeFi along with numerous money making opportunities and Pancakeswap continue to try to remain at the center of BSC DeFi hype with new features, promotions, and competitions revolving around their CAKE token!

Claim the FORCE xFORCE airdrop here!
Claim the SATO airdrop here!
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Gitcoin continues to support ETH public goods!
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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Looking at the next airdrops coming to the DeFi community!
01:48 First airdrop has dropped! ForceDAO airdrop
03:20 VoskCoin is your best source for news & airdrops!
04:02 How to check eligibility for the ForceDAO airdrop & where to sell
07:03 Second airdrop – SATO airdrop! Gitcoin donors are eligible
07:55 Participate in Snapshot voting to be eligible for more airdrops!
08:27 Third airdrop – Auctus
08:51 saves you money on the BSC with limit orders
11:20 Check the VoskCoin BSC guides
12:08 Binance’s BNB token is going wild!
12:52 DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain is extremely cheap!
13:29 Create a profile on PancakeSwap ASAP! Potential airdrop incoming…
14:52 IFO’s on PancakeSwap are potential moonshots
15:24 MetaMask Swap eligibility for airdrop
17:29 DeFi airdrops

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