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The holding company is engaged in the investment and purchase of shares of various companies, which allows it, among other things, to become the owner of controlling stakes.
Gissis holding is the owner of shares and controlling interests of various entities of business activity, a major investor and investment partner.
Registered in 2016 in the UK, the holding company was originally a closed joint stock company, which did not have large assets and international partners, but three years of productive activity in the market allowed increasing capitalization by 800%, and now we are successfully developing more than 30 subsidiaries in different market sectors and different countries.

The cryptocurrency market is characterized by extreme volatility and a variety of financial instruments. Forex market has a record daily turnover, and buying/selling/renting real estate is the most reliable and break-even investment channel. In turn, affiliate hedge funds provide us with significant assistance in minimizing risks for a given yield. We fully use the principle of diversification, which allows us to stabilize and increase profits.
Technological breakthrough allows using even more investment opportunities. So, the holding company Gissis is not limited exclusively to its own partners in the face of legal entities, but also attracts individuals to investment activities through a worldwide network. Due to effective network marketing, we are able to attract large borrowed capital.
Clients have a unique opportunity to take part in the financing of various companies, firms and enterprises, without having at the same time impressive financial resources. Combining capital in a single network allows for the conclusion of large-scale agreements and increase financial turnover.
Significant investments (short-term, medium-term and long-term) bring large dividends and high interest rates for all partners and investors, and the official activities of the holding under the current legislation of the UK implies appropriate guarantees.
The revolutionary year in the history of Gissis was 2016, when the joint-stock company was reformed into a holding company. Attraction of new sources of investments allowed expanding powers of the holding company on control of subsidiaries and granddaughters of firms, directly to influence their development, market activity and profitability. The parallel expansion of the staff of qualified specialists has led to rapid growth of capitalization and entry into the international market.
Gissis expanded its opportunities once again in 2019 in order to attract investments by launching this online platform, designed to attract as investors individuals-Internet users from around the world.
Nowadays, the activity of the holding company is conducted in more than 10 sectors of the market, and Gregory Leroy himself annually appears in the rankings of the richest people of our planet.
The most active referrals, built a constant flow of participants in their referral network, can count on special conditions of cooperation with our company.
To get a higher percentage of remuneration under the affiliate program, the client does not need to open an office and register a legal entity. Our official representatives can carry out affiliate activities completely online and make a profit from each invited user of the network as a percentage.
Unlike the usual referral fee, which is 4.2% – 1.7% – 0.7% of each Deposit of the attracted investor, the profit of the official representative is 5.5% – 2.2% – 1.1% of the deposit of the referral. Increased rates are valid not only on the first, but also on the following branches of the referral system.
Profit source
The monitoring and statistics department of Gissis constantly monitors the emergence of new promising startups for the subsequent acquisition of their shares and participation in their development. After the integration of new entities into a single network, the distribution of financing, control of compliance with the interests of the holding, profit extraction, further refinancing and payments to partners take place.