Will the Price of Bitcoin Go UP? Crypto Market Manipulation EXPOSED!

The video you need to watch on, Will the Price of Bitcoin Go UP? All the Crypto Market Manipulation will be EXPOSED and DeBunked!
In this Video, we will debunk the Bitcoin #FUD look at #Bitcoin Price Manipulation! Is the price of Bitcoin being manipulated by Bitcoin Whales? Who’s Buying ALL the Bitcoin? Stay tuned for this edition of #CryptoNews Today

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What’s going on everyone my name is Jason, the channel is A Chain of Blocks and in this video I think we need to set the record straight. Now obviously the Bitcoin and Altcoin markets are inherently volatile, especially as we’re still navigating the early days of this technology. However, are you being blatantly lied to about Bitcoin? Are institutional investors FUDing the market and destructively selling in an effort to amplify this volatility, only so they can buy back in at a cheaper price?
I wanna take a look back at the price movement of Bitcoin over the past few months, as we try to figure out why certain shifts have happened and what we can expect in the future. We’re going to strip out any emotions and just go straight for the hard facts.
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